Yes, I really do need to lose THAT much weight

Since I posted about needing help disposing of an 11 year old(‘s average terms in weight) I’ve been met with varying degrees of scepticism and incredulity*. Well, thanks to the NHS, I’ve gone some way to quantifying the numbers:

The NHS are about to depress me
That’s not my real birthday by the way
Oi, Fatty!
The NHS ideal weight calculator

It’s a bit of a trek through it all. The first three show my details and my BMI of >30, hopefully proving once and for all there’s rather too much of me to go round. The fourth helpfully shows the ideal weight for my height in imperial measurements as a weight in metric. I’ve added the conversion that shows I should weigh roughly 13 stone and 6lbs. 
When I weighed myself on 31 December it showed I was 18 stone 6lbs. Taking one from the other gives a difference of 5 stone. A bit of work on Google shows that the average weight for an 11 year old is 77lbs which give or take a bit of rounding is 5 stone. Ish. 
So according to the NHS, which you would hope is reasonably accurate, I at the end of the year I really did  need to lose the weight of an average 11 year old. So we’re two months into the year now, and I’m looking at at revised BMI of 28:
Hurrah! I’m only overweight now!

Two months in then, and I’m no longer obese, I’m just overweight. It’s progress and I know from reading around, slow weight loss is more easily sustained than crash loss. I know BMI is not the be all and end all of things too, but hopefully in asking for my age and gender, the NHS is comparing apples with apples, and it’s a bit more tailored than a random table for everyone. Weight-wise, in case you were wondering, I’m now down to a tiny smidgeon under 17 stone. Still a long weigh (did you see what I did there, no it’s not a typo) to go but at least it’s a start.
How I’ve done it is of course another post entirely…

*not so much incredulity that I’m a fat bloke, or that I’ve got a lot of weight to lose, more that 13 and a half stone seems a very low weight for a bloke my height.