A life in widescreen

The boy is a chip off the older block at times and by older block, I mean his granddad. Wifey’s dad is a filmaholic. He worked as a cinema projectionist when he was younger and then had a career in post production. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him watching telly and it’s the same with the boy. It’s films films films.

And it’s the same with the boy. Aside from a love of Tintin and Ben 10, it’s very difficult to get the boy to watch anything other than films on the telly. Just as well wifey won a 50 inch plasma TV around Christmas really. When we get driven to distraction with watching Space Chimps 2 for the 4th time in a day, we occasionally hop in the car and motor along to Garston’s cinema for one of their Saturday morning kids club thingies. It’s one of those Vue Cinemas, used to be a Warner Bros but things have improved. Although I must say that they are responsible for the Space Chimps 2 obsession.

The Saturday morning kids clubs are a massive boon, especially when it’s peeing it down with rain. For a quid a ticket, parents included, you get to see a wide variety of nearly new kids films. Okay, they wont feature on the latest films list but does that really matter with kids films? Last half term they got to see the new Dreamworks Puss in Boots Shrek spin off well in advance of it appearing on BD or DVD.

I’m happy because I love films myself.I think we’ve watched Johnny English Reborn about 10 times this week and that’s okay by me :)