Consumer advice: contains mild peril

We’re always watching films in our house, and we always try to make sure that the films we watch as a family are suitable for the family. I’ve even stopped threatening to show the boy the Exorcist if he doesn’t buck his ideas up (I never would you know but sometimes threats have to be made).

Occasionally I turn to the Parents bbfc (British Board of Film Classification) website to check out a title in advance of watching it. If the film is above a U, I try and watch it first as well, just to make sure there is nothing too scary.

Some of the consumer advice bits on the Parents bbfc are brilliant though. One of my favourite kids films (ever) is Fox’s 2009 Fantastic Mr Fox, and that’s referred to with “Contains mild violence and scary scenes“. The consumer advice on The Phantom Menace is “Contains mild fantasy violence” rather than, “For the love of God, never watch this film, it will ruin you!”

There are two that jumped out at me though, one for the kids and one for adults (click for larger images):

contains mild peril

Contains strong language in a speech therapy context

I’ve immediately emailed the BBFC volunteering my services for up and coming consumer advice on films and have included the following examples of my work to wow them with:-

a sort of Straw Dogs sequel

does not contain Sir Not Appearing in this Film
Think I’ve got the job pretty much sewn up don’t you?