Discussions on going to the zoo

A ‘nocerous. Apparently

Wifey was planning on taking Fifi to the zoo today, hence the rain and general all round terrible weather. When Fifi entered our room, bright as a button, at 6am I decided to talk to her on the subject. Her conversation was quite enlightening on the subject of zoo attendance. What you’ll read below is a paraphrase but a pretty accurate recording of her thoughts on the zoo…

We going to zoo. We must have lots of snacks daddy. And our lunch out. Snacks should include raisins, biscuits, and more biscuits. I like biscuits. And we can have our lunch out! First off we should go to the hot spider house. It’s got spiders! I don’t like spiders but it’s hot and it’s got spiders and we can have a snack! Do you  like spiders Daddy? I don’t

Danger likes the ‘nocerous’s. I don’t like the spiders but they’re in the hot spider house! And we can have a biccie in the hot spider house! I like going to the zoo. And then on the way home I can push a little trolley at the shops!

There you have it. As long as there are snacks, or the option of a little trolley like they have in Waitrose, Fifi will be happy. Having a child that easy to please is comforting at time, even though she is a human dustbin.