Playmobil Gift Eggs

The Playmobil Gift eggs are a smashing idea and that I’m afraid is as far as I am prepared to go with the egg yolks jokes. Dang it!

For the princely sum of £5.99 you can now buy one of four Playmobil figures and acessories in a funky coloured storage egg. Of course Playmobil don’t refer to it as a storage egg, that sounds silly. No, Playmobil just go to town with the egg puns but there is a reason for the eggs. Priced as they are, they’re a good alternative to a chocolate Easter egg and the eggs themselves even have a slot on the bottom for collecting pocket money in. A sort of inverted money box if you will. Better for the teeth too.

The kids absolutely love them, the fact that they have a ready storage receptacle is an additional bonus. Fifi especially likes putting things into storage and taking them out again. And then putting them in and then taking them out again. The figures themselves are great little sets. The go-kart (blue egg) is whizzy, the unicorn enormously pink and the zoo animals reassuringly Playmobil quality. What have I missed out? Ah yes, the knight. He has a cannon too. That requires a bit too much pressure for a four year old to exert to fire it properly. But it’s all great, proper good fun.

We’re knights of the
round table

She talks to the animals…

“Go go go go!!!”

Magical girly pinkness