Why you should vote for me in the BiB’s Daddy blog category

Allowed out on my own

It’s always nice to be shortlisted in a blogging award, especially ones that are popularity contests. Still, despite appearing on the short list for last years Gurgle Awards, I still haven’t won a popularity contest. Good job I’m not sensitive like that or I might get upset. Oh, wait a minute.

Still, I should probably give you some reasons to vote for me over 19 other worthy blogs shouldn’t I? Well for starters my superpowers include walking over Lego barefoot and feeling NO pain! That’s pretty impressive isn’t it?

My third blog anniversary is coming up soon, and through the 580 odd posts I’ve made, you can really see my kids growing up (and me with them I suppose). Our little two year old I mentioned in my first post is five in a couple of weeks and still resents going to bed at anything resembling a sensible time. Fifi, a little girl of four months at the time is now a bossy opinionated 3 year old with her own fashion sense and Danger wasn’t even a glint in the eye back then.

But if you want a handcrafted pick of my favourite blog posts of the last year, then you can’t go wrong with the lovingly crafted selection:

But since I’m very Web 2.0 here (only not as pretentious) you could do worse than have a gander at my YouTube channel. If the link in the first paragraph hasn’t frightened you off of course :)

In true Daddacool tradition, I shall be making a video extolling my many and varied virtues and begging you to vote for me. Enjoy, or something, and maybe vote for me