28 Days Later #nissanLEAFcar21

Lovely people, every single one of them

I can’t believe it’s been 28 days since a handful of us descended on the O2 Arena to pick up our Nissan LEAF’s for a two week test drive. Plenty has happened in those 28 days too. I’ve had great fun driving the Nissan LEAF around, marvelling over it’s funky reversing camera, astounded by it complete silence and wowed by it’s practicality :

There is also a series of “How many bloggers can you get in Nissan LEAF posts by the various bloggers who took part:

Finally, there has been some great coverage elsewhere:

  • There is also a brilliant all-you-need-to-know post from Being Mrs C called Nearly everything you ever wanted to know about the Nissan Leaf – #NissanLEAFcar21 that explains a lot of the science behind electric cars.
  • Is this the Future? A post about looking forward in time from the past, and foreseeing many things but maybe not electric cars.
  • Adventures in #nissanLEAFcar21 my wife’s perspective on the LEAF
  • There’s a post on Finding Kirsty about electric cars here, which is well worth a read too.
  • St Albans People have also featured the challenge, and you can read all about it here (as well as seeing the uncropped profile picture of me!)
  • The Herts Advertiser have me on their website and in print. The web version is here.
  • West Herts Drive Time had me on t’wireless for half an hour on Friday. You can read about it on their blog.
I’ve been genuinely overwhelmed by support I’ve had from so many different people, some of whom I know (one of whom I’m married to), some of whom I’ve never met before but chat to on twitter and some I don’t really engage with on twitter or facebook. In many ways it’s been humbling to see the parent blogger community get behind me by voting for me and writing posts for me and cramming themselves into a Nissan LEAF for me. 
I’m sorry to all the people who follow me on twitter that must be getting a bit sick of the endless promotion too, it will all be over come Monday when the voting closes and the results are scrutinised by an independent adjudicator before the winner of an actual Nissan LEAF is announced. I’m sorry for all the posts and promotion I’m going to do in the last three days- if it genuinely annoys you, unfollow me until 1 May :)
If you’ve not voted, you can click the vote button on the sidebar or click here. If you are kind enough to vote, could you click the tweet button and the facebook like button that appear after voting too? 
It looks like it’s down to me and Laura Driver as we enter the final straight. I’d like to think I’ve done enough promotion and written enough engaging content to be in with a chance, even though I don’t have a dog for an in car photoshoot unfortunately but the competition wont be decided on who’s done the best content, it will be decided on who has the most legitimate votes. So please, vote for me!