A good reason for carrying a camera about

Ever since the kids were a bit more mobile we’ve done something a bit different with calendars every year. Initially as gifts for grand parents we got calendars with pictures of the kids on but after the first year we realised we were missing out and decided to get one ourselves.

We try and make sure that each month has a relevant picture on it, the boys birthday cake in April, summer holiday snaps in August, you know the sort of thing. The funny thing is though, we’ve currently got a baby photo up of the boy, and we’ve noticed his new little brother is the absolute spitting image of him.

It’s funny because Danger (it’s his middle name remember) does seem completely different to us; he’s his own little person, with his own habits, looks and reactions. Only he does appear to be his older brothers mini doppelganger. Or should that be doppeldanger? Ha Ha Ha…

Anyway, why look at pictures of horses, cats or whatever, when you could look at pictures of your family? It’s like having your family there, just quieter. www.gettingpersonal.co.uk do a great range of calendars, and even if you’re addicted to your cats, you can always look at their other merchandise.

It’s made us think a bit more about the sort of photos we take all the time, especially since we always seem to have a camera with us nowadays.