How silent is silent? #nissanleafcar21

You might have noticed how I accidentally did for a pigeon in my trial Nissan LEAF last week. To say that the car is quiet is an understatement really.

To show you just how silent the Nissan LEAF is in motion, I’m turning to my buddy and fellow Shell V-Power Network of Champions dude, Rutger Middendorp. Rutger had a LEAF for 3 months last year and was so impressed with the silent running, he made some videos to illustrate it:

That’s right, Rutger actually turned the Nissan LEAF into a mobile recording studio. Funky or what? It ties in with my personal experience (albeit with slightly less in the way of musicians and musical instruments). I spent last week taking people from my office out for a spin at lunch time, and every time I got them settled in the car and turned it on, they were all really surprised as they could hardly tell the difference between off and on.

I’ve noticed when I’m out on my peddle bike cycling round the woods, I have to be very careful when I approach horses that are between bridleways. They don’t hear a bike and occasionally get spooked when one zooms past them. When we pop round to visit my parents next week and take this route, I’ll have to be extra careful.

I’ll leave you with Rutger’s second video in his silent session. Enjoy! In the mean time, if you would like me to run a mobile recording studio from a Nissan LEAF, please click here and vote for me