Just how many bloggers can you get into a Nissan LEAF? #nissanleafcar21

The masses gather!

When I commented how spacious the Nissan LEAF was, little did I suspect the way my blogging buddies would offer to help illustrate this quite so graphically! But on a damp Sunday afternoon, the masses descended upon our house to see just how many bloggers we could fit into a Nissan LEAF. Watched on by the police (he was washing his car down the road), we piled in as many people as turned up and truth be told, could have had another one or two in if we had asked more people!

The LEAF took:

  1. Mediocre Mum
  2. AnnieQPR
  3. Cbolam
  4. MummySphere
  5. ActuallyMummy
  6. BeingMrsC
  7. Zooarchaeologis
  8. GardenMum
  9. CocoonPhotography
  10. Veggiexperience
  11. MuddlingAlong
  12. Daddacool (me!)
But I know what you’re really looking forward to is the video, so without further ado, here we go: