Feed me, feed me, FEED ME!!!

top scoff mummy!

We should find it easy to keep track of all the milestones in Dangers life. After all he was born on new years day, so counting stuff off should be very straightforward.

Somehow though we managed to miss the date where we could move him on to solids. And by miss, I mean we missed it by several weeks. I have to admit I was beginning to wonder why he was eyeing up pretty much everything I was eating ALL the damn time but this probably explains it.

It also explains why hes decided to skip the usual baby trick of rolling the baby food around on his tongue and spitting it out everywhere. He’s obviously been paying close attention to the boy too, since what goes in stays in and disappears in quick order.

Current favourites and Ella Kitchen Organics Banana and Apple, with Hipp Organic Beef Stew getting the thumbs down.

So far so good then, and I’ve also managed to miss any of the nappy changes that have stemmed from solids. Marvellous. But what it does mean is our little fella isn’t quite so little any more.o