And the winner of the British GP tickets is…

Richard Horne. TV’s James Allen donned his reading glasses and picked this entry as the winner of tickets to the British GP:

Jenson Button’s astonishing victory at the 2011 Canadian Grand Prix was the greatest F1 track performance of all time because:

To win after such adversity was remarkable. Having to make 5 pit stops, suffer the ignominy of having his team-mate crash into him, take a drive-through penalty for speeding under the safety car period, suffer a puncture at the hands of Alonso and be relegated to the very back of the pack, all of which combined with the atrocious weather conditions that led to the longest race in Formula 1 history, proved just how sublime a race-driver he is, and further reinforced his reputation as a true British legend. Managing to over-take the otherwise-imperious Vettel on the final lap for victory was as perfect an end to a race as one can imagine.

Well done Mr Horne, Shell will be in touch with the tickets shortly!