Chicago Town Takeaway Footie Feast Pizza review

I must admit some familiarity with Chicago Town Pizzas, Sarah at the office used to microwave their mini pizzas on a a daily basis for lunch. The smells would drive me up the wall, especially, and this is a bit bizarre, in the middle of the summer when the aircon was cranked up and you really needed a hot meal to stop shivering.

So when Chicago Town offered me some pizza, or more correctly vouchers to buy some pizza, I thought this was a good thing. Better still, they asked me to look at their Chicago Town Takeaway Footie Feast pizza. If you think the name is a mouthful, wait till you try the pizza!


I have to admit in terms of pizza, I tend to go for minimalistic toppings. Anchovies and capers or ham and pineapple. So when it comes to a pizza with BBQ sauce in the crust, pepperoni and spicy beef, I thought it might be a bit OTT for me. Happy to say it wasn’t. And, as the video shows, even the optimistic pre match prediction was more or less right!

Chicago Town Takeaway Footie Feast costs about £3.50, although I had a couple of vouchers for mine so spent the money on beer instead. Yummy.

With chances to win big everyday with the on-pack promotion, you can celebrate in style with prizes from the VIP, Gold, Silver and Bronze bundles.

Allowing you to transform your lounge and enjoy the footie with prize bundles with everything you need for the ultimate viewing experience including smart TV’s, surround sound systems, Xbox Kinect consoles and games, along with drinks fridges and free Chicago Town pizza. There is also £1k worth of vouchers up for grabs to transform your living room for all this summer’s action. You can find out more on the special site.