Fathers Day- a rant

I’ve nothing against Fathers Day per se, aside from a nagging doubt that it’s all about selling greeting cards to poor unsuspecting family members. If it gets me a bacon butty in bed, I’ll be happy.

What I do object to is the endless advertising suggesting that you should buy good old Dad some power tools for Fathers Day. Is it acceptable to advertise ironing boards as the ideal reward for Mothers Day? Perhaps a new apron and some marigolds? How about a nice shiny new vacuum cleaner to help you with the chores? No? Then why do Black & Decker think it’s a good idea to even have a Fathers Day store full of lawn mowers and power tools? And they’re not the only ones either, they’re just the latest ones to irk me mightily.

Blokes aren’t difficult to buy stuff for. If it’s alcoholic, has stuff blowing up or involves watching football, or playing it on a games console, that’s enough. Heck, a gift voucher with a tenner on it for HMV is good enough if you should wish to spend anything on Fathers Day.

Sod off, I want a BD movie instead dammit