Happy Anniversary!

8 years ago today

I can’t believe we’ve been married 8 years now! Actually, I genuinely couldn’t believe it yesterday; I thought we’d be married 7 instead. I was fairly adamant about it too, much to my eventual chagrin when wifey was proved correct (in fulfilment of rule 1: wifey is always right). Silly me, the teapot proved me wrong though*. The years have flown by and looking back on the wedding photos, the weather wasn’t massively different either.

It seems like a life time ago and at the same time only yesterday, which is funny. I am a terribly lucky chap, wifey has been very well behaved for all the time we’ve been married, putting up with me stoically and even cooking me some lovely dinners and generally tidying up after me. Talking of which, our 8th anniversary is apparently our “salt” anniversary. We shall indulge in a nice fish ‘n’ chips take away at the weekend but in the meantime we’re off out for some scoff this evening.

We’ve had our adventures over the 12 years we’ve been together, the latest of which is Danger, child number 3. He celebrated our anniversary by filling his nappy at ten to 6 this morning. He was cheerful about it though.

Happy 8th anniversary wifey, I love you very much!

*a hand painted wedding teapot, don’t worry, I wasn’t talking to the thing.