Dwelling on things a little too much

It was only when I was reading SAHDandprouds post on pub quizzes (well the underlying subject was rules but for me it was about pub quizzes) that I realised I dwell on things far too much.

I remember the bitter bitter pub quiz I was dragged along to the night before my uni finals started. I should have been starting my revision but instead had too many pints and a stand up argument with a man with a microphone (and you’ll never win when no bugger can hear you but the whole pub can hear him).

Pre mobile data, pre mobile phones, the argument was a simple one. The modern Olympic event which was based on the ancient exploits of a scout to inform his military bosses of an invading army was the Marathon, not the Pentathlon. He ran from Marathon to Athens, no he didn’t fight off tigers with a javlin, and jump over stuff. He ran, from a place that we name the Olympic event after.

It was 16 years ago but even thinking about it now has almost spoiled my day. Perhaps I need some more sleep. That’s probably the answer.