The top 5 reasons why I haven’t commented on your blog


  •  I’ve no idea who you are and don’t read your blog. No offence, why don’t you talk to me on twitter or G+, then this reason will no longer stand up to scrutiny.
  • Fall back position when number 2 no longer stands: I’m so busy creating great content for my blog, I don’t get much of a chance to read more than half a dozen posts a day and hardly comment when I don’t add to the discussion. 
  • You started a sentence with “okay” once and I’ve never forgiven you.
  • I’ve engaged you directly on twitter, a forum, facebook or G+, basically wherever I first saw your blog post promoted.
(bonus reason: your blog post follows some prompt or meme and is nothing original at all. You’re an individual, unique as a snowflake, you have it in you to express ideas in ways that nobody has done before in the whole history of this world, don’t let them rob you of that right.)