A fair price for milk?

I know I’m a month behind the times with this but I’ve been on holiday/busy/useless and I wanted to do the research myself after all the hoo-ha about what farmers are paid. All of the following come from the online supermarket stores as of today’s date.

Evian 750ml £0.83 (£0.11/100ml)
Carling Black Label 45 440ml cans for £22 (£0.11/100ml)
Yeo Valley Semi Skimmed Organic 1l £1.00 (£0.10/100ml)
Crofters Apple Cider 5% 2l £1.95 (£0.10/100ml)

It’s entirely possible there are some errors in the unit price- the supermarket in question may very well show the cost per quantity but they vary the unit from product to product, some in 100ml, some in litres and I’ve been up half the night with Danger so I’m not thinking enormously clearly…

It’s not the most scientific sampling; the drinks come in various sizes and I had to rely on one of the ubiquitous beer offers that supermarkets always seem to have on to get cost parity for the lager but it does appear you can spend pretty much exactly the same amount of money drinking beer, cider, milk and water if you so wish. I could have easily halved the cost of the milk by going non organic too but personally I wouldn’t drink non-organic milk, so that’s irrelevant to me!

It’s odd that everything is pretty much the same price, regardless of the effort it goes in to make it isn’t it???