How things have changed…

When I was a youngster, the Beano was 10p, a Mars Bar cost 8p and the Famous 5 ruled the roost*. We used to run around the playground pretending to be Star Wars characters, innocent of what was to come when Return of the Jedi unleashed the Ewoks on us.

I often got to be Darth Vader because I was tall for my age and definitely not a little short for a Stormtrooper. We were all secretly envious of Andrew Galvin’s huge collection of vehicles but all extra nice to him so he’d let us play with them on the days our school let you bring your own toys in.

30 odd years apart, my boy associates with the one on the right more

Fast forward over 30 years to today and I overheard the boy talking to one of his little mates about who got to be LEGO Yoda when they played Star Wars. I suppose for the under 6’s LEGO Star Wars is a lot more accessible than the original films and it has LEGO in it too, so I shouldn’t be that surprised. I’ve mixed feeling about this but as long as it keeps the boy away from the “new” trilogy, this can only be a good thing right? Although I must say, there wasn’t exactly a queue of people to be Yoda when I used to play Star Wars in the playground at the start of the 80’s…

*with lashings and lashings of ginger beer obviously