I’m tired of being tired

even my bags have bags

We’re just shy of three years past the time I wrote a blog post called Sleep Deprived. Looking back on it, I don’t think at the time I could have envisaged that three years on we would still be in the same boat. Fifi, or the wee lass as I called her at the time, only started sleeping through the night when she was almost two, well over a year after I wrote that post. We had a brief spell where we adapted to not having to wake up all night but that was brief because we then had Danger.

I will preface all of this by the statement, no matter how tired I am or how much I complain about it, wifey is an order of magnitude more exhausted than me. I still don’t know how she does it, it is a constant source of mystery to me how she isn’t the worlds grumpiest lady. I certainly would be on twice the sleep she has.

Danger is now almost 8 months old and apart from five blissful but rather uncomfortable nights under canvas in a tent, he hasn’t come remotely close to sleeping the night through. He’s often still up at 11pm, 2/3am and 5am. The same old problem raises it’s head that we had when Fifi was born- we can’t let Danger cry himself out because he will wake the other two up. Then, it’s 3am and we have 3 children awake, all crying. It’s enough to make you cry…

In many ways the summer holidays have made this worse as the kids bedtime has crept later and later. If we settle down on the sofa at 8pm or later after settling the kids, that means we’re getting to bed later than normal for a week night (yes, we’re usually tucked in by 10pm). If you’re abed at 11pm, and a baby is waking up a few minutes later, you might as well go to bed at midnight really. Only that baby wants to be up and playing at 5am, and woe betide anyone who doesn’t indulge him. The woe betiding usually involves an awful lot of volume. And I swear, he’s adapted his pooing routine to do one huge poo a day, at about 5.15 in the morning, purely to ensure we have to get him up.

So to recap, I’m tired. Wifey’s tired but much much better at coping with it than I am. We’re all tired. Wont somebody tell Danger to sleep?