“Sealing” the trip to the beach!

After I was the only grump-a-lump with regards to BeWILDerwood, we decided to do something a bit different the next day. Since we were in the Norfolk Broads, we simply had to visit a wind pump. They’re essentially windmills that don’t mill, they were instead used to pump water that might have or did actually cause flooding.

After that we decided to walk to the beach (apparently it was only a mile or so) on the basis that it was a beach and we could walk there. The walk itself was a little more arduous with a pushchair than entirely necessary, especially as I had to lift it over a couple of 5 bar fences, with Danger still on board but at least it gave me a work out.

It’s like the Famous 5 without a dog. Or something.

The kids themselves had a great time clambering over stiles and gates though. The trek from the car park to the beach took us well over an hour, and by the end of it, both the boy and Fifi were taking it in turns to sit on the front of the pushchair. Their little friends managed to walk it out though. More power to those little legs.

It was worth the walk though as the beach was quite nice and pretty remote. Unlike Great Yarmouth beach it wasn’t covered in dog poo either. What it did have was somewhere between 100 and 200 seals on it. We’ve seen seals at Blakney point before but never this close. We were able to sit on a groyne about twenty feet away from a mixture of common and grey seals that were sunning themselves on the beach. It was probably the highlight of the holiday for me, we had everything- a visit to a wind pump, minor concussion on the way out courtesy of a low door frame, a walk in the bracing fresh air, some beach and some spectacular wildlife.

Thankfully the kids seemed to love it all as well. Which was nice.

Lots of seals!