Sinister bloke and being stupid

I was early for a rather exciting Panasonic blogging event on Saturday (more of that later), so I decided to sit out in the sun in Soho Square. It’s one of the many green parks and open spaces in central London and it’s lovely on a sunny day. A goth rock chick was asleep/unconscious on the grass right in the middle of Soho Sq. Whether she and a group of nearby friends were sleeping off last nights excess or just chilling before the days activities was pure speculation on my part. 

A bloke came along and sat about 30 paces from her. He kept on scanning the park in all directions and shuffling backwards a bit. By this time of day, the park was fairly busy- the sun was shining and it’s just off Oxford St, so it gets a lot of through traffic. Over the next 45 minutes he gradually edged closer and closer, looking around all the time until he was lying next to her, almost holding her hand. I sat there watching it all, with the usual “do I/don’t I get involved thoughts running through my head. My event was getting closer but I didn’t want to leave what was increasingly looking like some creep about to cop a feel or steal a bag from a sleeping woman.

Apologies for the poor quality of the pictures, I was fairly blantant in taking them, partly because I hoped the bugger would naff off but also because it was my smartphone in action.

about fifteen minutes into his shuffle
about to lie down…

Fortunately someone gave her gentle toe to the ribs which woke her up and she had the fright of her life seeing this bloke next to her.