The mysterious case of the sleeping peripatetic baby

per·i·pa·tet·ic/ˌperipəˈtetik/ Adjective: Travelling from place to place, esp. working or based in various places for relatively short periods.

getting reading for a good nights sleep

We’ve been out and about under canvas for a lot of the last two weeks- well 8 days out of 14 at any rate. First of all we camped with our most excellent friends in Norfolk, then we were lucky enough to go to the Wilderness Festival in deepest darkness, erm, Oxfordshire. It was ace and there was one thing that made is particularly so.

Danger slept through the night on almost every single night we were camping. He woke up before 6am once, and I had my dastardly revenge on the group of twenty somethings that had camped in the family camping by wheeling his moaning self up and down in front of their tents in the pushchair. Do a chorus of Hey Jude at 1am in the quiet area will you? Muhahahahaha.

It was a relief because given the nature of the various places we were, we couldn’t really let him have his customary crawl around, so we thought he might be full of nervous energy after a fairly sedentary day. He’s taken to eating grass and I for one didn’t want to be the person to scoop a handful of sand out of his mouth as he experimented on the beach.

So we had high hopes when we got home that this most excellent sleeping pattern would continue. It didn’t and it was as if he was trying to get all the customary night time wakes that he’d missed back. Sunday night when we returned from Wilderness for example he was up at 11pm, with wifey regularly until 4am and I rocked him to sleep at 4.30 in the morning. He did the same last night and as a result looks almost as grumpy as wifey this morning. Not that I blame her, it is ridiculous.

Short of putting him in the tent out in the garden, we’re vexed as to what to do. Any bright ideas?!