My letter to the Swiss Embassy

Since it’s been ten days since I wrote to the Swiss Embassy, and I’ve not even had an acknowledgement of receipt from them, I thought I’d repost my letter here.

The Ambassador
Embassy of Switzerland
16-18 Montagu Place 
London W1H 2BQ
I’ve blacked this out
So you can’t see
My address
Nice try though J
11 September 2012
Dear Sir,
I live in St Albans and on occasion have to commute into Londonfor work purposes. Today, 11 September, was one such day. I boarded a near empty train and took a window seat. After one or two stops a gentleman boarded and sat next to me.
He proceeded to elbow me with vigour for the next few minutes until I asked him if he intended to continue doing so for the foreseeable future. I received a torrent of abuse about my selfishness in taking space he thought he had a right to, and no form of apology for the near physical assault I suffered. He also suggested I should move in a most intimidating fashion.
This sort of behaviour is of course very common on our public transport. I am bringing this to your attention because the gentleman in question then produced a paper on the issuance of government bonds with the following logo on it:
This has led me to believe that if not directly an employee of the Swiss embassy, he is at least known to you.
I attach for your perusal a photograph of the said miscreant, and would encourage you to have him write a formal apology for his behaviour, addressed to me at the above address. If I have erred and he is not known to you, I apologise for taking your time.
I have checked with a colleague who is part Swiss and spends some time in Switzerland, and he has confirmed it is not a quaint Swiss tradition to elbow people vigorously rather than politely ask them to budge up, so I am reasonably happy I am not on the wrong end of a cultural misunderstanding in this area.
Yours Faithfully,
The gentleman with the immaculately groomed beard and very impressive watch is the gentleman with the sharp and pointy elbows that he cannot keep to himself.

Did I post the letter? You can watch me posting it here.