A whole heap of laundry

I’ve never been able to reconcile the amount of clothing we appear to wear with the amount of laundry that needs to be put away. It’s almost as if we’re washing all our clothes on a weekly basis, regardless of whether they’re worn or not. I know this isn’t the case and I know the endless torrent of laundry depresses the heck out of wifey but it is baffling.

For instance, we only change the beds once a fortnight; I wear the same socks Saturday & Sunday and if not wiffy the same t-shirt (usually under a jumper I should add). I do change my pants daily however and I also wear a fresh shirt to work everyday. Since I’m only home for 3 or so hours before I go to bed on a weekday, I tend to stretch a t-shirt out for 3,4 or 5 days. That’s only the same amount of time I’d wear one on a Saturday after all. Trousers, well I won’t go into trousers in any real detail, suffice to say I should change them considerably more frequently than I actually do.

As for kids clothes, well the get through a fair amount due to food, crayons, felt tips, mud, and generally not paying attention to what they’re doing a lot of the time. Danger still occasionally does poo-nami’s that require an entire outfit change for him AND wifey but kids clothes are by nature small and it still doesn’t account for the sheer volume of material that materialises.

So I’m baffled and wifey is baffled. Especially as yesterday morning, despite more laundry being done than should have been physically possible, we couldn’t find a clean school polo shirt for the boy. They were probably all hanging out with the socks I can’t find to match one solitary matching pair (stupidly I have patterned socks for work- when will I learn?). I’m considering waiting until spring and joining a nudist colony. That would certainly save on some of the laundry…