British Gas domestic EV charge point- winters coming

turn the heating on remotely!

We’ve had our first couple of hard frosts of the Autumn. This coupled with the depressing fact it’s now dark when I get up has meant I’m now using the EV (electric vehicle) a lot more for my commute. It might not be far but when it’s brass monkeys out, it makes a difference I can tell you.

The best thing I’ve found about having a British Gas domestic EV charge point in this sort of weather is the ability to remotely turn the LEAF on using the Carwings app (available on IOS, Android and desktop PC via a web browser), demist the car and get it nice and toasty, all while it’s still plugged into the mains. This means for my relatively short commute, I don’t have to have the heating on very much, which doesn’t reduce the range of the car. Cold weather does knock a bit off the range of the car, as does having the aircon blasting out and the headlights on, so to have a full charge to start with and a toasty car is a definite bonus.

I’ve noted (anecdotally and locally I should add) that a lot of the bad driving is done by people wearing hats. Whether their heads have overheated or they’re too cold to think straight, I don’t know but what I do know is I’m safe as I don’t have to wear my hat in the car any more.

I’ve not had to waste my time scraping the ice off the windscreen either, which is a bonus as I invariably end up doing it with a bank card because I can never find our proper ice scrapers. I’m bad like that.