What a weekend. We went robot making, to the cinema, swimming and to a 6th birthday party. In amongst it all I managed to trip over on the stairs at about half past five in the morning. I’d been up with Danger three or four times in the night but on the final excursion, I returned to my bed to find Fifi had slipped into it. I tried lying there but when she wants to, Fifi is all bony elbows and knees so I retired to her bed. Ten minutes later, Danger was up again so I took him downstairs and failed to watch Match of the Day on iPlayer*. Fifteen minutes later Fifi came down and told me that Mummy says you can bring Danger into your bed. This, it turns out, was a complete lie as I woke Mummy up and she was a bit cross. I put Fifi back to her bed and told her off for fibbing.

Back downstairs Danger and I were chilling, watching the GT Car racing on C4 when Fifi attempted to wake the dead with some of her trademark shouting. I sprinted up the stairs in an attempt to stop her waking wifey and the boy, slipped, fell and landed heavily on my right ankle, shouting loud enough myself to wake everyone up anyway. I swear blind I heard a crack but aside from being very painful to rotate, my ankle felt okay. Fifi had apparently decided to pretend she’d wet herself by tipping her water bottle all over her bed. Little sod. So I limped through Sunday (metaphorically and literally), just about managing not to drown anyone at swimming classes and so on but in the evening I began to get pins and needles in my foot. This morning I still have pins and needles and am thinking I might need an x-ray in case I fractured it.

Of course getting to and from a hospital with the possibility of being in plaster is a right logistical nightmare, so I’m putting it off. A job for elastoplast surely………?

*for some reason it’s “not available for your device” if you try to watch it on the Xbox 360.