Snot etiquette

It’s the time of year where EVERYBODY has a cold. For some reason the month or so after schools go back are a pit of plague and crappiness that makes little or no sense. How does not mixing with 30 other kids for 6 weeks and then seeing them all again automatically mean that illness is inevitable?

Wifey is now in the 7th week of whatever snot generating virus she’s contracted and it shows little or no sign of abating. I’m sure in the last month we’ve generated our body weight in nasal discharge. Still, we were reassured by Fifi the other day who was sniffing horrendously that she would “save her snots” for when she got home.

I can assume that this meant she intended to eskew the boys approach of wiping everything on his jumper sleeves. That seems to pretty much be his approach to anything nowadays. It’s the one reason why I’m obsessed with making sure there’s always toilet paper available…