Soreen have infiltrated my lunch- sponsored post

Melting butter. That’s b-u-t-t-e-r, not margarine FYI. 

The boy was on one of his wolf like binges at the weekend; no matter what I fed him, he wanted more, more, more. he’d already polished off the ham, the rest of the bread, half a packet of wraps, some crisps and most of the organic yogurt and I was desperate.

Ever since  I was invited on a Soreen campaign earlier on in the year, I’ve been stuffing my chops with it’s malty goodness but I’ve never really done an entire lunch of it. Instead, I’ve had it as an alternative to crisps, a cake or biscuits. The banana lunchables are a particular favourite in our household, so when a large delivery of Soreen came the other week, I stashed all of those out of the reach of the kids for fear of seeing it devoured in a locust like swarm of activity.

But it works as lunch. I had 4 slices of a Soreen Malt Loaf Toastie (it’s pre cut so you can get it into the toaster without any of the issues of self cut malt loaf) for lunch and it was good. I’m currently on a regime down the gym, and trying to kick start my weight loss (I refuse to call it a diet dammit), so something that packs little or no more calorific content than a slice of white bread, whilst filling me up is pretty darn clever. It’s also a good pre workout food as the carbs (which make up 65% of each slice) are great slow release energy too. Given my recovery from a stair related accident, I’m currently going for endurance training rather than impact training, so this couldn’t have come at a better time.

Just don’t tell anyone about the butter….