Britax B-Agile Double review

The Britax B-Agile Double is our first serious foray into side by side pushchairs. Up to this point we’ve used an inline (one in front of the other) model that finally gave up the ghost when the shopping basket fell off and the wheels locked up, although I must say we’d got fed up with the youngest interfering with the tyres from the back well before this point.

So given all these limitations we were really interested to try out the Britax B-Agile Double that Britax kindly sent us. The main occupants were Danger (11 months) and his sister Fifi who is 3, which is probably the sort of age difference that a lot of people who are looking for a double would have.

solid, well made and most important, easy to push!

The B-Agile Double does so many things right it’s difficult to know where to start. It’s one of the easiest and fastest) buggies to collapse and set up we’ve come across. Wifey has a bit of a dicky grip from years of archaeological digging and finds our off-road pushchair quite difficult to close but this is a cinch. You basically press a button and pull a grab handle to make the buggy fold in half and lock shut. When it’s folded in half it doesn’t take up a great deal of space and goes fairly flat which is a bonus for either car transportation or storage.

easy to fold, store & stransport

The shopping basket is cavernous and doesn’t drag on the kerb if you have to cross the road (this eventually wrecked the shopping basket on our inline pushchair). It keeps either your shopping or provisions/change bag safe and sound while you’re about and about. The hoods (independent of each other) and the raincover are also really well made. We’ve had issues with three or four pushchair raincovers in the past either not staying on properly or being difficult to fit in a sudden downpour but the B-Agile has one of the best in terms of both fitting it quickly and overall waterproof-ness that we’ve come across. It’s up there with the Stokke, which costs several times the price. Even with the weather we’ve had recently, you might get soaked to the skin by sideways rain but the kids won’t.

There is a foot height difference between me and wifey and although wifey has predominately been using the B-Agile Double as I’m stuck in the office, I’m pleased to note the adjustable handlebar makes it equally easy for both of us to push. It’s not a lightweight pushchair but then few double can lay claim to that, but it does push very easily and seems to almost glide over most surfaces, even sodden grass (don’t ask).

The tyres are solid, which means it’s impossible to get a puncture but you do have a slight trade off of a firmer ride. Having owned both pneumatic and solid tyred pushchairs, I have to say after my initial love of the inflatables, I’ve had one too many thorns which has sullied my love affair. Solid tyres are just so much more dependable.

The brakes work very well and as importantly are also very easy to put on and off. The seats are plenty wide enough but this is a double edged sword. The B-Agile Double is about a centimeter too wide to fit through our UPVc front door. We’ve had trouble in a few shops too, like Paperchase, where they’ve had to unlock the second glass door to enable us to get the buggy in.

The only other gripe is we couldn’t get the seats completely upright. This meant Danger was happy reclining ever so slightly and doing general pointing and shouting but Fifi was straining against the harness to sit more up right. Not a major issue but if you have a finicky child, it might cause you some grief.

I don’t want to end on a negative though because the B-Agile does so much right, especially at a more than reasonable RRP of £350. It looks comfortable enough for me to have a go in, which is saying something; unfortunately my backside is just too big!