Caught out!

not very good at “the sneak” unlike his sistert

*ring*ring*ring* goes the telephone. I recognise the number as home and pick it up. It’s 8.35 in the morning (this morning in fact) and wifey has a query.

“Did you say the boy could wear his Lego watch to school?”

The answer to this is of course no. I said the boy could wear his Lego watch (half price in the Sainsbury toy sale folks) to Legoland this evening and I impart this information to wifey. Just as she says, “I see”, a hear a wail in the background, “Noooooooooooo! I said Legoland, not school!!!”

The boy will never win any awards for subterfuge, not like his sister who is probably already achieved double O designation. I think it’s charming to see him try to get away with stuff and completely fail. The dawning realisation in his eyes that he’s been rumbled is brilliant.