Chicken pox, holidays and travel insurance- sponsored post

Fifi came out in a non specific general viral rash earlier this week. We had a momentary panic that it was her second visitation of chicken pox; she had it originally when she was one and a half and I do know that you can get it again when you’re that little. Fortunately the spots pretty much went down over night and we breathed again- we’ve got Danger’s christening in a little over a week and that’s pretty much the incubation period for the pox had Fifi been contagious.
Still, it reminded me of the instance when the Boy and Fifi both contracted chicken pox the first time. It was the last hot summer we had, 2010, at the temperature was soaring in the 30’s. That’s Celsius  not Fahrenheit by the way  We were on holiday in Norfolk with the in-laws having a great time when all of a sudden both kids were covered head to foot in spots.
Norfolk being Norfolk, there are plenty of remote places we could have gone and kept out of peoples way but unfortunately neither of the in-laws had contracted the pox up to that point, and chicken pox isn’t very pleasant in adults. So we packed up and headed home of the third day of the last hot summer holiday we had and spent the rest of the week sulking about in the back garden.
There was one silver lining though, and that was the travel insurance we had for the holiday. The company we hired the cottage through demanded we took out insurance before the would confirm the booking and boy are we glad we did. We may have moaned about the cost initially but when it came to making a claim, we got the vast majority of the cost of our holiday back. 
It’s funny, we’d never go abroad without all sorts of insurance but up until this point we’d never taken out insurance for a holiday in this country. That’s something that’s changed now, and we don’t book any sort of holiday without the right sort of travel insurance. You can’t be too careful, and if the worst happens, at least you get some cash back at the end of it.
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