LEGO Ninjago Weekend at LEGOland Windsor

I can tell I’m getting old because Ninjago has passed completely over my head. Fortunately the Boy is fully aware of it and in love with spinny things and skeletons and such, so when we arrived at the LEGOland hotel in Windsor for a weekend of Ninjago themed activities courtesy of LEGO, he was literally skipping along in excitement.

The LEGOland hotel is as good as we remembered it, the added bonus this time was the toys hidden in the strongbox were mostly Ninjago. Wifey did get a bit of a shock when she woke up but that’s nothing unusual…

The itinerary was quite busy until late in the night. Friday evening was full of bouncing children and model making. Danger stuffed his chops at the buffet until we thought he might very well explode; a feat he executed again at breakfast!

The next morning saw a few rides open on the park from 10am to 2pm, where the fun started at Ninjago Camp. Fifi might as well have taken up tenure on the Scarab Bouncers because she spent so long on them.

But the main attraction of the trip was the Ninjago activities. The kids were split into 3 teams (based on age) and rotated every 45 minutes through 3 set activities- free building, a Ninjago Spinjitsu masterclass and some bona fide martial arts training via Blaze Martial Arts. The boy got so excited, we had to go to the fun pool afterwards to cool down. In fact, I was able to get him to do his first ever width without armbands with the promise of some Ninjago Lego.

spinjitsu. armchair battling.

I learnt about the art of Spinjitsu myself, which is basically spinning LEGO figures on a weighted base and using them to knock your opponents figure off his base. With all the weapons and such you can accessorise your figure with, I needed all the help I could get beating the endless swathe of 9 and ten year olds who were really rather good at it all. The boy was in his element too and disappeared off at one point to duel some older kids.

I love the Pirate Rooms!


Avast me hearties!


Ninjago dude!