(Re)assurance required

Fifi had her nursery parents even last week. She’s 4 in January and this put her in the September intake for nursery. I must say she’s taken to it like a duck to water. No escaping from the building and running home like the boy did when he started.

Chatting to her teacher a lot of our preconceptions about Fifi were substantiated. She’s naturally cheerful, chatty and has a wicked sense of humour. They also said she needed a lot of validation and reassurance that she was doing the right thing, which also tallies with our experience but is a bit contradictory with the rest of her character.

They’re right though. The other morning, as she often does, Fifi wormed her way into our bed at about 6ish. After a few cuddles, she was quiet for a minute or two and then suddenly asked “Daddy, who do you love the most?” Fortunately I’m prepp’d for questions like this, and told her she was my favourite girl, the Boy was my favourite boy and Danger my favourite baby. A category for everyone!* There was an even longer pause while this was digested and then Fifi made another subtle probe, “But you love me best don’t you Daddy?

Her teachers say she’s happy to join in play or go and do her own thing but she seldom instigates the play herself. In comfortable surroundings she’s very bossy and assertive, we just need to help her develop the confidence to do this in all scenarios without turning her into a right little madam!

*although I did refrain from saying Wifey was my favourite wife, in case it looked like I had more than one to chose from.