A lack of philosophical navel gazing

I was all primed to write a pretty epic retrospective of 2012, and a sensible post looking forward to 2013 with reserved excitement at what the future will hold. After all I’ve done it before.

But then I thought, sod it. Today is a day like any other day. The roll over of a calendar, the replacement of 12 with 13, means nothing to our kids, so why should it mean anything to me? The only real change is my holiday clock is reset, which is hardly earth-shattering. 

I think the big danger we have at New Year is getting whimsical about the past and complacent about the future. Last year was bloody hard in places, there were lows and there were highs, much like every other year has been and will be*. Me sitting here and cherry-picking isn’t going to change that.

Likewise tomorrow, aside from being Danger’s first birthday, is just another Tuesday in reality. I get the day off work, which is nice, but that’s it.

So instead of a review of the year, here’s a picture the boy did of a gorilla:

*although 2012 is more than likely the only year I’ll win a car in but I digress.