BigJigs Fairy Figure of Eight Train Set review

I commented in a comment piece* in Toy News that it was funny that Dad bloggers only get sent boys toys to review, regardless of what gender their kids are. Not that Fifi minds playing with boys toys and as far as I’m concerned gendering toys is a bit bonkers at times anyway. Mind you, through no influence from us, Fifi has developed  an intrinsic love of all things pink. So when BigJJigs read the article and kindly offered something pink for me to review and Fifi to enjoy, I said thank you very much, you’re a bunch of superstars.

The Fairy Figure of Eight Train set is compatible with all the other BigJigs railway sets out there, which in practice means that trains and chuff out of boy central, into no mans land and then puff away happily into Fairy paradise and come under the jurisdiction of Fifi. Some derailments may have occurred during this switch over.

BigJigs wooden trainsets are lovingly crafted and the girl enticing paint job is tastefully done too. It’s pastels, rather than the sort of bubblegum pink you see on a lot of plastic toys so it’s a little easier on the eye. The set, as the name suggests, is a figure of 8 but aside from the track, incorporating a bridge, it comes with a lot of track side accessories in the form of trees and so on. Fifi had such a lovely time playing with it the other day, it was a shame to put it away when Danger woke up but I didn’t fancy enacting Godzillas attack on the Fairy train set, so we had to put it away pronto.

What’s the other great thing about wood? It doesn’t bing or bong, play a silly tune and generally drive you up the wall like plastic toys do. For that reason if you’ve got a 3 year old you fancy getting a train set for, this could be just the thing for them, and for your sanity.

It retails for a little over £20, and could very well make your little girls Christmas.

*That is kind of the point of them after all.