Danger’s first Christmas

This Christmas was quite odd for us. It was our first family as a family of five. Both wifey and I only have the one sibling, so it was interesting to see how the three little ones interacted. Taking his cue from the older two, Danger had a smashing time; rampaging around like Godzilla and scoffing far too many pigs in blankets. Over the whole Christmas period, we managed to avoid any melt-downs, arguments or any unpleasantness. Given the number of extended family involved, this was super-awesome.

The kids had a lovely, magical time of it, and I’m happy but also a little bit sad. Such Christmas’s are transient, the boy has already had some little sod tell him Father Christmas isn’t real, and I know they’re not going to be this little for long. It does make me feel enormously lucky though; I have such a fantastic family, 3 great kids and a lovely wife.

It’s been an incredibly hard year with an additional child; the logistics of three are somehow a lot harder than two and we’ve both been permanently exhausted but Danger is one of the most lovely babies I’ve ever come across. He’s funny, quite naughty (stairs, bins, and hands down the toilet and boy, does he like Pringles), and utterly adored by Fifi and the Boy. If you ever want to reduce either of them to tears, just suggest popping Danger in the loft- they’ll both shriek their protestations. If only he wasn’t still up twice in the night.

And for Christmas, he got his two front teeth!