Dr. Seuss 24 Piece Floor Puzzle and Dr. Seuss Matching Game review

We recently got the boy a set of Dr. Seuss books to help him with his reading. He finds the timeless illustrations captivating  wifey just finds them sinister. So when Paul Lamond Games sent us a 24 piece giant floor puzzle, we couldn’t wait to crack the box open.

The floor puzzle is every bit as luridly colourful as you could hope for from a Dr. Seuss design. It’s an alphabet, with all the favourites from the authors imagination on it. No prizes for guessing which hat wearing individual monopolises the letter C!

The pieces are big, chunky and great fun to assemble, with the added bonus of giving the kids a bit of an alphabet work out in the process. The best part is the RRP is £8.99, so it’s a great stocking filler price for a big present.

Weighing in at £7.99 is the Dr. Seuss Matching Game. This is also excellently well described; it’s a card based matching game for preschoolers. Fifi loved this to bits because she could have a pop at some Seuss related stuff after watching the Lorax and practising her phonics with the jigsaw. The cards, much like the floor puzzle, are big, chunky and colourful, ideal for preschoolers.

Finally, and this is definitely not a case of last but not least, there is a 4 in 1 jigsaw pack with some of the most iconic Dr. Seuss figures depicted for a paltry sum of around £11. Each of the 4 characters has a different number of pieces, ranging from 12 to 24.