Tablets: lots of uses…

Standing out in the tablet computer arena is a lot trickier than it used to be if you’re making an Android tablet. There are only so many hardware configurations out there really; everything that has intentions of being high end now uses either a Tegra® 3 quadcore processor or a Samsung Exynos4quadcore processor.

You’ll find a bit of variety on the screen, with differences in resolution and type (LCD, AMOLED and so on), some variation in the build material (plastic or metal for the most part) and a huge variation in storage and battery life but the for the most part, they all look pretty much the same and if you were to line up half a dozen of them, you’d have trouble telling one from the other if the manufacturers logos were covered up.

This is where the Xperia™ Tablet stands out on its own though. It doesn’t look like the rest- it’s sort of hewn from aluminium but also has a distinctive wedge shaped profile that help make it look that bit different. Sony know a thing or two about making stylish hardware but thanks to their heritage in TV and videogame machines, the build quality is everything you’d expect from a name like Sony.

One of the ways that tablet manufacturers differentiate their tablets is through custom apps, and Sony is no different here with their Xperia™ tablet. Chief among these is probably the custom profiles you can have. Although this is available on the latest version of the Android operating system Jellybean (4.2), it requires separate Gmail accounts per profile. The Sony solution makes it a breeze to set up a profile for the kids that only have access to kid friendly apps, or stops them fiddling with your Football Manager save game.

The Sony Xperia™ has some other clever tricks up its sleeve. It has an infra red transmitter, which is fairly unusual in a mobile device nowadays. What this means is you can use your Sony Xperia™ as a universal TV remote control. Even I couldn’t lose that down the back of the sofa and I’m the person that had to ring his smartphone yesterday only to realise it was plugged into the stereo playing some music via Spotify.

On top of that there is a great social app called Socialife that aggregates all your social stuff into one place. Socialife is only available on Sony devices too, which along with the TV universal remote app, makes a strong case for your next tablet to be a Sony tablet.

If you want to find out more, have a look at the Xperia™ Tablet microsite.

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