As I was sitting on the toilet this morning trying not to lose my temper, it struck me how pointless a lot of the things we do actually are. The Boy was hammering on the door because at the exact moment of bowel relaxation, he had decided he desperately needed a wee and it was too dark and scary for him to go down stairs and do it in the toilet there. I had visions of emerging from the sanctity of the bathroom to find him standing in a puddle of wee on the landing. Fortunately this wasn’t the case. This time.

I was up early and in the bathroom because I was off to a business breakfast to try and sell my firms services to others as they tried to do exactly the same to me. These events are judged a success if you come away with less business cards that have been given to you than you’ve dished out yourself. I’ll admit, it looks different when I’m not in a grump. I do like the social aspect of networking and putting people together that will be mutually beneficial for both parties is always a source of satisfaction but at the moment I’m full of cold, sleep interrupted due to Danger being full of cold and not really able to hear anyone in a crowded pub location to network with them anyway. In fact this morning it seemed as pointless as the bloke above on his water jetwash cart, washing the pavement in the torrential rain.