Why do Mondays always get me down?

There’s nothing like a rainy day, or a Monday, as the Carpenters once sang, to get you down, and this is no different. The weekend went by in a blur of activity AGAIN.

I’m not even sure what we did on Friday night but by the time it was finished it was 10pm and there was no time to do anything meaningful. As a Friday evening treat, I had to set the kids up with Mario Kart and break up the regular fights that resulted from the kids playing Mario Kart.

Saturday saw wifey take Fifi to ballet first thing whilst I wrangled the dishwasher and Danger (he’s intent on climbing into the dishwasher for some unfathomable reason) and we watched an episode of Doctor Who while tidying up.

After a very early lunch we went to a Swizzel Matlow event of the V&A’s Museum of Childhood in Bethnal Green. The drive was entertaining for several reasons, some of which involved satnav’s and one way streets, others more mundane matters. I have to admit, the Museum is brilliant, it’s full of toys that I remember from my youth (I need to have words with my Mum about what’s happened to my Action Force figures and vehicles), and earlier. Although the internal layout has been updated, a lot of the display cases are still the old Victorian ones that wifey remembers from her childhood.

We spent rather too long there, which meant our trip to IKEA didn’t kick off until 7pm. This made looking at kitchens exciting, a thing that was only exacerbated by the children toilet baiting* in the extreme. Coupled with torrential rain and idiots at the checkouts, we didn’t get home until almost 10pm.

Sunday started as it usually does, with swimming and then a lot of housework. A trip round to some friends house to sort out a camping trip in April over a nice Sunday roast took us up to almost 5pm, and then on our return I was busy nailing backs on wardrobes, sorting out furniture and shooting some video for the Evil Overlord. I finished shooting the video at 10.15.

What an incredibly busy weekend- I don’t think it’s properly prepared me for a week at work!

*toilet baiting: refusing to go to the loo when you’re next to it, but suddenly and desperately needing to go at an incredibly inconvenient moment. Like when I’m wheeling three trays full of food to a table for example.