An excess of books

We have in our household many many books. Both wifey and I are book hoarders you see, and have been from an early age. This habit hasn’t really started to dissipate with the addition of Kindles and Google Play’s book store either (although the rate of increase may have been slowed).

some small part of the book issue

In what we grandly call “The Library”, originally an extension on the back of the garage, now linked to the rest of the house via the medium of a garage conversion, we have six full height IKEA Billy bookcases. The are in all cases double stacked, with additional books crammed into the gaps and piled on at the front. There are also piles of books on the floor too and dotted around the house in arbitrary fashion.

The kids book collection has grown out of hand and has become a terrible muddle; Maisy books in the boys room, super hero ones in Fifi’s, so at the weekend we decided to clear out one of the bookcase in the sitting room (AKA the dumping ground for random stuff) and concatenate the books into one easy to access area. I underestimated the number of kids books we have by some margin (and there are another fifty quids worth of Book People books on the way as I write). In fact we filled the book case entirely and still have a few shelves in each of the children’s rooms full of books.

It is good to be able to see what we’ve got though, and inevitably we’ve spotted a few doubles. In the kid’s books this is probably due to family buying books we all ready have as presents but in the case of my books, I have a history of accidentally buying books I already own.

The next step for us then is to sort out the library so we can get some semblance of order in there. After all, what’s the point of having so many books if you can’t ever get to look at them, let alone read them?