Please RT (well I wont)

You know that particular sort of viral tweet that you see more and more of? It basically comes in several flavours:

Found John Does wallet in street in Putney. Please RT, we can find him

Found wedding ring engraved Jo and Dave in Cheltenham, lets’ reunite it with owner

X says if I get X number of RT’s I can have a puppy/pony/cat/iPad

Well I hate to be a grump but these are mostly virals from people with too much time on their hands who just want to see how many people they can get to RT them. Find a wallet in the street? Hand it in at the nearest police station for goodness sake! The same goes for jewellery. What possible achievement is getting a number or RT’s on twitter for being rewarded with something like an iPad? If our kids want a reward, they have to do something meaningful to be rewarded with a small treat (some sweets, a book or a very small toy)- like move up a level in maths or reading, or learn to ride a bike without the stabilisers, not spamming every poor bugger in the twitterverse.

Don’t even get me started on the endless number of “RT to win an iPad” accounts there are. “New winner drawn at 5pm EST. RT to win!” but if you look through their timeline, all they seem to do is endlessly spam in order to get RT’s. They never announce winners, because there aren’t any, the accounts are just set up and operated by time wasters to waste everyone else’s time.

Yes, once in a blue moon one or maybe more of these will be genuine but before I hit the RT I’ll check your timeline and see if you’re wasting my time. If you are, it’s a report spam and block for you and a fervent prayer that more people would do the same.