Active ideas for kids’ parties

It’s all very well playing round after round of pass-the-parcel but after a little while, everyone will get bored and trust us, that boredom wont be beaten by just a hastily suggested round of Musical Statues! Nowadays it takes a little more to to keep those seemingly untire-outable kids interested so today we take a look at some fantastic active ideas for your kids parties…

Throw a football party

If your little boy or girl is football crazy, what better idea for their party than something football themed? The upsides of this type of shindig is that each party can be tailored to the age and skills of those playing, plus the specially trained football coaches take the kids off your hands for a whole 90 minutes to play five a side football, teach new skills and generally run them ragged leaving you to enjoy a chinwag on the side lines.

Guided cycle tours

Perhaps since Bradley Wiggins took over as “Most Loved Man in Sport” your little one has gone cycling crazy and refuses to wear anything other than yellow at all times? If that’s the case then a guided cycling tour for your little one and their friends is a fantastic idea and is sure to be one they will remember for years to come. Available at a number of adventure centres across the UK, you will be able to choose the distance of your ride and what kind of route you wish them to take: explore woodland tracks, traverse lakeside paths and meander through sleepy villages, it’s up to you.

Children’s dance parties

Depending on your child’s favourite band, pop or film star – you can have a dance party tailored towards them. There is a range of great studios across the country where you will find friendly staff who will happily entertain your little ones for two hour dance workshops with lots of games and competitions thrown in. Your kids can enjoy dance battles, mastering the steps of their idols and then performing them to the parents at the end of the session.

Circus skills

How about opting for a circus themed children’s parties where all the partygoers can learn essential life skills like plate-spinning, tight rope walking and the art of walking on stilts! These great fun children’s parties won’t allow them a minute to get bored as they are wowed by juggling displays and left giggling by the absurd antics of the whacky clowns!

Go Ape!

Another great idea for an active party is Go Ape – a popular series of treetop walkways and zip lines that would probably leave you quaking in fear but will have your children shrieking in delight. Over the course of a couple of hours, your kids can enjoy exploring the woods from up high and the best thing is that it is suitable for all ages from four years upwards. If you feel like doing something else after you have completed the course, most of the Go Ape centres also offer forest Segway tours as well.