Stemming the flow of jaffa cakes

Yesterday we were lucky enough to go to a preview screening of the Croods (bumped into Craig from Dadzclub who was inexplicably blocked on twitter until a couple of weeks ago too) in central London. Danger sat on wifey’s lap for most of the film, completely intent on eating a whole bag of complementary sweet popcorn. Thank goodness I’m not at home today to sort that nappy out!

We had concerns that all that popcorn might give him a tummy ache later, so when it came to dinner time and he was beside himself at the table, it wasn’t a great surprise. Danger normally likes stir fry and especially broccoli but he wasn’t having any of it. I decided to experiment and see whether it was sheer bloody mindedness or a tummy ache by offering him a jaffa cake. The introduction of a jaffa cake immediately settled things down, only for the lack of further jaffa cakes to induce a rage I’ve seldom seen the like of. Danger is definitely the most easy going of our three kids. He’s the naughtiest by some distance (age and ability to inflict mayhem all factored in) but he’s normally very sweet natured and whilst he cries (a lot, either for attention or because he’s been clattered), he almost never has a tantrum. Well, the lack of a second jaffa cake is a pretty potent trigger for the dark side to manifest itself…