The bewildering choice of telly

When we moved into our house almost 7 years ago, one of the first things I did was put up the satellite dish I took from our old house. Yes, I’m that sort of person who takes down the dish when they move. It’s not as if it was included on any list of fixtures and fittings we were going to leave but I sort of thought the expectation was for it to remain. But never mind.

Sky, for it was they whom originally supplied us with the dish, had our custom for a year or so until the boy came along and then we had to economise, so the subscription telly went and we’ve never had it back. What we did do however was leave the dish up on the wall and I’m glad we did really because a few years later we got a freesat box. The issue with where we live is the the elevation required for a TV aerial isn’t particularly conducive to the medium of digital television. Whereas previously we would have got a bit of a fuzzy picture when it snowed/rained/blew a gale, with a digital signal we get a broken stuttering picture. Oddly enough, a satellite dish, despite delivering an equally digital signal, doesn’t appear to break up when we started using freesat. We started off with a box in our bedroom to watch stuff in bed and were pleasantly surprised when they enabled iPlayer functionality a year or so later.

We’ve now got one downstairs too because if it works, we should have more than one in my book. Once the grotty weather has passed, I’ve been tasked with running another feed off the dish and getting busy with my two foot drill bit to put a cable into the kids playroom. It turns out that not putting the capability to watch telly in there (something I thought would be a good idea and discourage excessive television watching) has just lead to the kids excessively watching Scooby Doo and Loony Tunes on DVD. You live and learn.