They’re coming………..

The Chickens that is. Names have been chosen: Hetty, Henny Penny  and Doctor Who Chicken. Guess who decided to name his chicken Doctor Who Chicken then? Apparently it’s so he can change his name to Doctor Who, get a rabbit called Doctor Who and still not get confused when his mummy calls him.

I’m delighted to announce I applied to the Actimel FamilyWellbeing Index Blogger Fund to get funding for some chickens and a coop to keep them in and was accepted!

The boy has been nervous around animals ever since a Scotty put it’s paws on this shoulders and scrabbled in his face back in December 2009, so I thought the best way to get him over this understandable fear of animals was to get some. The great thing about chickens are they not only pets but also provide lots of eggs, which will be super useful for out cooking adventures. We have the coop, and are just waiting on delivery of the chickens.

There are still tonnes of funding opportunites for outside activities available so I’d advise you get yourself over to the site and have a read!