Soundtrack to my life- the ones that didn’t make it…

I filled in Typecast’s Soundtrack to my Life feature form back at the start of November but it turns out it’s very popular (and I’m not. Either that or I made such an obscure selection of tunes, it’s proving difficult to source them), since here we are in mid April and it’s not featured yet.  But the problem is five isn’t enough, it can never be enough. I like more genres of music than that, let alone favourite songs. I’ve had this in draft for over a third of a year, so it’s high time to publish the accompanying post with some alternatives, despite the original not seeing the light of day. So here are a few more for you…

Solsbury Hill- Peter Gabriel 

I’m not a huge Gabriel fan, despite being into prog, but I do like Solsbury Hill. It doesn’t remind me of anything in particular; perhaps looking at long barrows around stone henge in the days before we had kids (even though that’s an entirely different hill).

Gin Soaked Boy- Divine Comedy

Wifey is a huge Divine Comedy fan, and they’ve grown on me in the last ten years. Each song tells a story, which is nice and the lyrics are so clever that they always make me chuckle. Gin Soaked Boy is one of the least story-like songs you’ll find on a Divine Comedy album but it’s so cleverly hung together.

Street Spirit/Fade Out- Radiohead

Another miserable song. I do like my audio misery don’t I? There are only two Radiohead albums I like: the Bends &; Kid A. Since I can’t really have the entirety of Kid A as a choice, I’ll have this. I’ll always associate this song with walking home in the pissing rain. It’s that kind of song.

Mother- Pink Floyd

There are so so many Pink Floyd tracks I could pick- I’m a sucker for Dave Gilmour’s guitar playing. Mother is off  the 100m+ selling double album The Wall. Another depressing track. I got the album for Christmas when I was in to pop and didn’t listen to it for a very long time. Big mistake though. Also fits perfectly on a C90 tape, one CD on each side, which I found useful when I wanted to wander around with my Walkman, wallowing in teenage misery and introspection.

Sea of Heartbreak- Don Gibson

Bit of a leftfield choice but it was either this or Chicory Tips Son of my Father. The ASH bar on campus at Lancaster university in the early 90’s had a pool table, an old fashioned vinyl jukebox and hardly any punters. It was primarily meant for the post grads who were teaching undergrads but the all hung out in the other bars, trying to pull 1st years. The jukebox did random play but always seemed to come up with this country classic.

You’ll have to wait to see what the top 5 I actually chose are. I certainly can’t remember as I didn’t keep a list of them!