Car door etiquette

Don’t worry, I’m not going to bang on about people parking in parent and baby spaces without kids or anything like that, oh no, I’m going to have a moan about kids and car doors. Ever since she opened the door on our hired Skoda Yeti while I was negotiating a round about in Northern Italy, Fifi has been obsessed with car doors. Until recently she’s lacked the physical strength in her hands to open the doors from the outside and this has universally been declared a good thing.

Unfortunately now she has the strength in her hands to open the doors and frequently does. This is by no means always a bad thing, if it’s raining and I’m carrying Danger, it is in fact a good thing as she and the boy can get into the car rather than standing around like lemons in the pouring rain. Of course there is always the fear that incessant door slamming will eventually see someone get their fingers caught in the door but the first proper door related accident wasn’t one I was expecting at all and fortunately I wasn’t present for it either.

On the way back from a play date yesterday, Fifi managed to fling the car door open with such vigorous enthusiasm, poor little Danger was sent flying by the force of the impact. Even several hours later, one side of his face was red from the impact. His vision was clear and he was himself though; the same little indestro-baby that we’ve come to know and love but my, he took a battering. That one incident at least wasn’t malicious (although Fifi has been a bit spiteful recently, something I need to look into the root cause of), more a result of general heavy handedness on the part of our daughter. Nary a meal goes by without her watering the table by knocking over her drink at some point. She’s just a bit cack handed.

Not that Danger would have considered this as he was clobbered and sent flying of course. Fifi’s now on a permanent ban from opening or closing car door. Probably until she or Danger are 16.