Happy 75th birthday Soreen!

Soreen first began making their famous malt loaf back in 1938, to a recipe that is still used today. To celebrate this milestone, Soreen are celebrating with a special limited edition chocolate malt loaf. I’ve had a few of these in the post and can vouch for their moist chocolatey-ness. Personally my favourite Soreen loaves are the banana influenced ones, but the chocolate one gives it a run for it’s money and reminds me of afternoon tea on a Sunday when I was little (malt loaf plus chocolate cakes, but all wrapped into one). The odd thing is, although 75 years is a long time, I’ve been eating Soreen malt loaf for over half of it’s life (and all but 4 or 5 years of mine), so that probably makes me excessively old too…

To find out more you can follow @SoreenHQ on Twitter or like them on their Facebook page. You can also enter their competition to win one of 75 Chocolate Soreen Loaves.

Limited edition Soreen Chocolate Loaf is exactly that, it’s limited! It is available from 25th April in most Asda stores for six weeks. It is available from 20th May in Morrisons for three weeks and from 23rd May in Sainsbury’s for 3 weeks too.